Increased interest in every aspect of holistic healing traditions together with a heightened value being placed on the beauty and quality of handcrafted tools has prompted a revival of the classic Indian traditional art of Kansa, the healing metal of India.  

The term, kansa, has many definitions and transliterations.  According to strict Sanskrit transliteration, the word is kamsya.  But, it is most commonly written and pronounced as kans (like Cannes), kansu, or kansa (kahn-sah).  It sometimes refers to bronze, sometimes to brass, is generically called amalgam, and most reverently called "Queen's metal."  What we refer to here as kansa is traditional bronze.

Kansa was first made in the Bronze Age approximately 5000 years ago by the Harappans, the inhabitants of the Indus Valley, the very same culture that is thought to have developed the principles and practices of Ayurveda.  Being harder and more durable than other materials available at that time, it enabled these ancient peoples to create superior metal objects. It was widely used for tools, sacred statues, house wares, bells and gongs as well as for weapons and armor. In keeping with it meaning "queen's metal," kansa eating ware was and still is given to newly married couples. Because of its unique properties, kansa was also found to be very healing and made into an array of healing instruments.  Thus this elegant and cherished metal revolutionized the ancient world in many ways.  Indeed, it is said to be one the most innovative alloys of human kind.

All of the traditons around kansa are alive today and many holistically minded wellness practitioners around the world have become aware of a traditional kansa tool used for the Ayurvedic treatment Kansa Vataki.  Diamond Way Ayurveda has sourced the finest kansa manufacturer with artisans who have practiced this craft for generations.  Purity of the raw materials (copper, tin, and a trace of zinc )is of prime importance as they work with loving care and keen attention to quality and detail combining tradition with innovation to produce our beautiful body care tools to serve people in modern society. 

For each of our professional grade wands, the kansa is formed into a small shining cup that is fitted upon a hand-carved natural teak handle that is irresistible to the eye and naturally invites one to pick it up and use it.  Our kansa wands come in different sizes to work with different parts of the body.  The FIVE kansa wands we offer are: 

  • for the feet, our largest kansa tool that comes both with and without a handle
  • for the face and body - excellent for for the face and other surfaces of the body
  • face size - perfect for anyone who want to carry one for personal use
  • marma tool - excellent for points on the subtle body grids of Chinese and Indian traditions

On the following pages, you will get a full description of each of the kansa wands, how to maintain their vitality, video clips and/or instructions on how to use them, and how to purchase each one.

We look forward to hearing your reactions and comments on your use of this powerful, elegant, and effective healing metal.

Melanie and Robert
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 a division of
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Professional Grade Kansa Wands:
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